Archives department of

Rzhyschiv town council of

Kyiv regiond


History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

Rzhyshchev – is a city of regional importance since 1995. Before this  Rzhishchev was townships of Kagarlik district in  Kiev region.

         Archive department was established in July 1998, the first funds were transferred from the Kaharlyk district administration.

          From 28.09.1999, the archival department reorganized in urban public archive (order  № 444 from 28.09.1999) and  head of the archive was appointed L. Y. Bilyk.

          From  30.09.2002 the city state archive reorganized into archival department Rzhyshchiv city council (decision of the city council from 30.09.2002 № 65-4-24), the approved  regulations and amendments to staff.

22.01.2010, amendments were made to the name of the department and approved regulations on archival department of the executive committee Rzhyshchiv city council of the Kiev region (decision of the city council dated 22.01.2010 № 2104-56-05).

According to the regulations, department is the executive body of the executive committee, formed by the submission of the mayor by the city council, accountable and verifiable glad that it has formed, subordinate its executive committee and controlled according to the State Archives, the area in the manner prescribed by law.

From 07.07.1998, the archival department heads L.Y. Bilyk.


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